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New Releases - NEW WEAPON SETS
Posted in December 8th, 2016
Whether you're fighting in Antarctica, in the Everglades, in the sands of Babylon, or are hunting in your backyard, you always need more firepower. With this beautiful set, you're ready for anything: light machine-gun, heavy machine-gun, even a mortar! Reinforce your Allied forces with this weapon set now!

The Luftwaffe, with its Raketentruppe (Rocket Troops) and Fallschirmjäger (Paratroopers) is on the horizon... And they come with a bang! This new weapon set is dedicated to this elite fighting force with all their new weapons: assault rifles, rocket launchers, flamethrower, support weapon, you name it! Reinforce your Axis forces with this weapon set now!

What's better in life than a heavy mortar and a Tesla gun? Nothing, will answer any Sino-Soviet Soldier! Rain destruction from above on your foes! And if it's not enough, grill them with the power of thunder! Reinforce your SSU forces with this weapon set now!