MODEL KIT version is made of RESIN and needs assembly that requires cement. Models are supplied unpainted. We recommend these items for modelers over 14.

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The Desert Scorpions are a branch of the Long Range Desert Group. These men and women come from all over the planet, from all walk of life, to fight for freedom and the inevitable victory of the Allies. Sergeant Margaret “Maggie” Marks of the Desert Scorpions has been trained in infiltration, assassination and covert operations. She now operates as an independent operative for Allied intelligence in the Middle-East and North-Africa.

Maggie’ signature weapon benefits from Stealth, a unique skill which allows her to fire her crossbow without being detected. Thanks to Camouflage and Scout she can be set up way in advance of your main force and remain undetected. From her position she will be able to single out high priority targets, like soldiers with special weapons.