MODEL KIT version is made of plastic and needs assembly that requires cement. Models are supplied unpainted. We recommend these items for modelers over 14.

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This reference allows you to field one of the three following Helicopters: the Assaulter, the Controller, or the Air Ambulance. Swooping onto the battlefield to deliver reinforcements and perform quick attacks, the Assaulter helicopter represents a serious tactical advantage for the SSU. This airborne transport unit provides SSU commanders with a large amount of flexibility when coordinating their army. The Controller is here to provide support for your SSU Aircraft Units, thanks to a very specific set of Skills. This variant is easily assembled by switching one part (the radar) on top of the rotor. The Air Ambulance is also easily assembled by switching one part (the front light) and removing the machineguns. It allows to heal nearby troops thanks to a unique Skill. This reference also includes an entire squad of Chinese Volunteers Assault Squad to back up the rest of your SSU forces.

This reference comes with six Dust 1947 unit cards, two for each separate Units, for the SSU Bloc and the PLA Faction. It also includes one Unit Card for the Air Ambulance for the SSU Bloc.