Jump in Operation Babylon and witness the Desert Fox returns!

Dust Tactics – Operation Babylon includes:
– Full Color Campaign Book (72 pages)
– 4 Double Side Desert Game Posters (57cm x 83cm)
– 33 Desert Terrain Tiles

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After the cold and snow of Antarctica and the deadly streets of Zverograd, the World of Dust moves to sunny and sandy Middle-East! Operation Babylon takes place in the cradle of civilization: Iraq and the neighboring countries. You will discover three new armies to play Dust Battlefield and Tactics, the reborn Afrikakorps for the Axis, the United States Marines Corps for the Allies and the secretive GRU Spetsnaz for the Sino-Soviet Union.
New units, new Platoons, new rules and new scenarios will allow for unlimited play! You will also discover one of the greatest character in the World of Dust: Erwin Rommel, the military leader of all Axis forces. You will also learn how to field captured vehicles and the famed mercenaries roaming the battlefields: the Sisters of Demolition.