PREMIUM EDITION models are not just pre-painted. What we offer is the exact replica of Dust Studio’s Master Painter’s work.


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Phaser technology was created by the Allies in response to the lasers developed by the Axis. Powerful VK generators concentrate heat waves into small tungsten cylinders around the actual barrel and then release them, projecting a phased discharge of raw energy. How Allied scientists managed to develop such a complex weapon in such a short amount of time is still puzzling for spy agencies around the world – almost as puzzling as how it actually works. The whole project is still shrouded in mystery. When the scientists combined several phaser systems into one massive phaser gun with a nominal initiator power of 480 Watts (twice as powerful as any previous system) they needed a huge vehicle to carry it. The resulting M7D Devastator is built around the largest phaser energy generator ever built. Unfortunately, this VK generator occupies the space originally used as a passenger compartment, so it is impossible to transport any troops inside. There is nothing on the planet that can survive a direct hit from a Devastator. The temperature at the core of the blast is believed to be as hot as the Sun, but since there are no practical ways to measure the heat effectively, no one can be sure. So far no known material has been able to survive a hit from this formidable weapon.