PREMIUM EDITION models are not just pre-painted. What we offer is the exact replica of Dust Studio’s Master Painter’s work.

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The elite forces of the Luftwaffe are seasoned veterans infamous throughout the World of Dust for their courage, tactical skills, and heavy firepower. Fielding these fierce soldiers and modern equipment in battle makes the Luftwaffe one of the deadliest force on the planet, one that everyone rightfully fears.

This Army Box is a great way to expand your Luftwaffe force and is awesome with the Luftwaffe Starter Set (AX008) and the Luftwaffe Headquarters (AX433). All these combined will give you a great army! In this box you’ll find:
– one Fallschirmjäger Tank-Hunter Squad (5 miniatures)
– one Fallschirmjäger Battle Squad (5 miniatures)
– one Fallschirmjäger Missile Squad (2 miniatures)
– one Geist (1 aircraft)
Even if these are Luftwaffe Units, they can be added to any Axis force, making it even deadlier!The miniatures are presented here in Babylon camouflage pattern, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947.

This reference comes with four Dust 1947 unit cards, one for each Unit, for the Luftwaffe Faction of the Axis Bloc.