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Axis field commanders know how to recognize when something is good. No matter where it comes from. And after receiving so many shells on their heads from the SSU’s 120 mm heavy mortar, they decided that it was time to also have such an efficient weapon in their arsenal. The 12 cm Heavy Mortar – Granatwerfer model 1947 is the latest variation based on the soviet design. It’s in use all over the planet by Axis forces and has proven its value countless times both as a defensive and offensive weapon. A deadly unit, the NDAK Heavy Mortar Squad can attack any type of target. The unit really shines when paired with an observer team: it can then stay out of harm’s way and still be as deadly as ever.

These two unit combined can block whole areas of the battlefield, threatening to blow up anything that comes in sight. The soldiers are presented here in their desert fatigue, as used by the Neue Deutsches Afrikakorps (NDAK) circa 1947 in North Africa and the Middle-East.