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The sPz. KpfL. IV-A “JagdLuther” is armed with a pair of 7.5 cm FpK 42 L/70. It’s a longer version of the old 7.5 cm gun, much more deadly and accurate. It’s even more powerful than the first “8.8” used on early Tiger tanks! With its weapons the “JagdLuther” can destroy armored targets up to two kilometers away. It’s the bane of all armored vehicles.

The model presented here shows NDAK colors, used all around the Middle East, circa Summer 1947. It has a “belly” mounted machine gun. Although unable to target enemy aircraft, it’s deadly against infantry.

There are two stats cards with this vehicle, one for Dust Warfare and one for Dust Tactics. Both are for the latest versions of the games and the Tactics card is V2 ready. These stats cards can be officially used for Warfare and Tactics and are now common to the following models of the Axis bloc: – NachtJäger – JagdLuther 75 – Snow Lynx Whenever you field one of the models above, please use the stat card included with this version of the JagdLuther. Consider all models described above as official proxies that are tournament legal when used with this card.