PREMIUM EDITION models are not just pre-painted. What we offer is the exact replica of Dust Studio’s Master Painter’s work.

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The schwer Panzer KampfLäufer VI-D “SturmPrinz” is the latest Axis development in front line troop transport. It allows Axis soldiers to arrive safely in the heart of the action, while providing excellent anti aircraft firepower. The SturmPrinz is presented here in its Babylon pattern camouflage, as observed in Mesopotamia and North Africa in Summer 1947. Please note that we have graciously included the Canvas Cover for the back, should you wish to use it.

This specific piece is made out of resin, the rest of the model is made out of plastic. Due to the fact that the Canvas Cover is very thin, it might slightly deform during storage: if it’s the case, don’t worry. Just put it inplace on the vehicle and warm it up slowly with a hairdryer. This will soften the resin that will then re-gain its original shape. Take your time, do it slowly and you won’t get into any trouble. No need to touch the resin, just let the warmth do its job. As we use very special paints for our Deluxe Range, doing this WON’T DAMAGE THE PAINT JOB. Again, tread slowly with a little caution, andyou Canvas Cover will stay perfectly painted. This item can be glued on the model should you wish for, but it willanyway stay perfectly in place. As it is very light, you can alsokeep it in place with a little Patafix or Blu-Tack.