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The Axis has been the first bloc to introduce jet technology for its fighter planes. The advanced designs and ideas have made a huge leap forward with the introduction of VK engines. With these, the new planes can achieve incredible feats, thought impossible just a few years ago: they can fly faster and climb higher than anyone could dream of. The latest generation engines even allow for almost stationary flight and vertical take-off and landing. The Horten brothers, the two Axis top engineers in the field have access to endless resources to make new planes: with these, the Axis shall rule the skies once more. The HO-357.V mounts a weapon that has been in use in the Luftwaffe since 1945: the X-4 Missile. Designed to stop Allied bombers from delivering their deadly payload on the Reich, this missile is the first air to air wire-guided weapon ever produced in the world. It’s extremely effective but very difficult to use as the pilot must fly its plane while controlling the missile at the same time. Designed to tear apart big plane, this weapon system is only used upon ground targets as a last resort.