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With the ever increasing threat posed by heavier enemy vehicles on the battlefield, the SSU has responded with what it knows best: very heavy tanks. The first army to field such tanks early in the war, they were a disastrous surprise for the invaders of the Motherland back in 1941. Now with this new generation of even more armored and armed tanks, the SSU hopes to achieve the same goal as six years ago. Surprise and destroy their opponents.

The IS-48 A is a specialized close assault version of the new heavy tank chassis. It mounts the biggest Tesla Gun available in the whole SSU arsenal, capable of tremendous damage to any ground target. With this new technology, the bloc hopes to gain a definitive upper hand on its enemies. Beams from this weapon can devastate the battlefield in a few shots. The tank also has three 12,7 mm machine guns, one on the top in an antiaircraft role, one in the chassis and one in the back of the turret, a feature unique to SSU tanks. This “extra” machine gun gives the vehicle an incredible resilience during combat in an urban environment.

SSU tank commanders love this new tank and all Generals throughout the bloc try to have some in their forces. They can always be found at the very tip of the assault, opening the way for the red tide to engulf the enemy. Unable to engage foes at long range, the IS-48 A is often paired with a Mark B or surrounded by SSU walkers. With these combinations of arms, nothing can stand in the way of the Revolution.